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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Is In The Air.....

Yep its the love season all over again. Its really cute to see guys and girls struggling to get the perfect gift for their loved ones. The gift shops and particularly the card sections are really crowded. I would like to share the memorable valentines day gift that i gave and received so far. Initially i used to enjoy the whole process of shopping for the special gift. But recently it has become more of a struggle. I mean what is the perfect gift for a guy. Their list is almost tooo small.(Shirt, Watch, Coolers, Perfume, Jacket, Shoes, electronic items(if they are intrested). We must have given them on and on. The choice is really limited. Apart from that i've become very competitive with senthil. Its like whose gift is the best. I always want to win nd that gives me the stress.
I was really wondering how to make him feel special. So during the last valentine's day, i just got him the shirt. We usually exchange gifts in the morning. He gave me jwellery (Swarovski crystals) nd i gave him the shirt. He thought that it was his gift and he took me out. He planned the entire day so well. We went to look at the ice sculptures nd then to a very nice restraunt in downtown(Fountain) and we had very nice time. He wasnt aware of the nice surprise that i've planned for him. Anyway we enjoyed the day a lot and returned home. Just when he thought that he has outdone me this time i set the table with all his favourite dishes. I cooked it for him and arranged for candle light dinner at home. He was really surprised and he enjoyed it. I also slelected the list of music thats special to us. It was running in the background. I guess thats the best valentine's gift i have given him. Its really priceless to see your loved ones enjoying the gift u gave them. It definetly would be a great memory to treasure.
If i have to pick my best gift it would be the first Valentine's day with Senthil. We werent married at that time and were still in India. I went to Bangalore and he took me to Forum. We were roaming in Landmark for a while and i was casually telling him that i liked few items there. After that i returned to Chennai. The next thing you know, he sent me all those items to chennai. I felt really special. Isnt it really sweet?. I mean it may not be a big deal for many people. I've had very serious arguements with some of my friends regarding the gift exchanges on Valentine's day. Seriously its not necesary to gift just to express your love. Its just a simple way of saying that you love and care for them. it may be a simple bunch of red roses or a heart shaped chocolate box still its special for someone who knows and deserves your love. There are some people who read too much into the gift. I think thats totally unnecessary. Please share ur best gifting ideas too. I'm sure it will be helpful to many people.


  1. is more important because of the feelings involved..loved this post!!!

  2. Ya...Giving and receiving gifts is always special :) Lovely post!

  3. Wonderful post. Iliked it very much. Whatever gift may be but it is always very very special. Whether gift is big or small or expensive it doesn't matter as love is involved in it which is more valuable.

  4. Anything from the hands of love is gift... Unknowingly, we receive many gifts daily from the love. Sweet post...

  5. very good blog..congrats friend:)

  6. hellooo! where have you dissappeared?

  7. thanx everyone....
    hi Renu, i know, its been 2 solid amazing years since i opened my blog...i had the most precious gift in my life(my lil girl)...and she kept me i'm planning on continuing my blog....i'll try nd find some time to write....