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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Country Or City....

What would you choose between a trendy modern house in the city or a gorgeous, farm house in the country?....whom would you choose between a smart, wealthy guy or a simple, loving guy?, what movie would you choose for a saturday night a classic romance or a comedy?, what would you gift a friend for the birthday, something useful or highly decorative?, what would you do in a holiday a traditional get together with the family or an adventurous trekking with friends?......whoa whoa whoa....why do people always have to make choices?.I've always wondered if we have to give up something we like to get something we want. Can't i have my cake and eat it too.
We all have our dreams and we try to reach there. But the path that lead us there need not necessarily be hard and sacrificing. I'm not saying that we can easily reach there but we would have fun facing the challenges on our way to reach our dream. It always doesnt mean that we have to struggle to get to our dreams. As it is, there are tooo many choices for us these days. Starting from what to wear in the morning to what to cook for dinner. But i'm not talking about those stuffs. I feel it little complicated to explain. So i thought i better give an example from my life. My dream was to run my own business. But i was too scared to leave my job. I would really consider my self as fool for not knowing that i need not give up my job to start my business. We always try to think in that angle. Atleast i falied to think that there are ways by which i can have my business without leaving my work.
We are so used to make the easiest choice. Please remember that's not the only choice. It may sound funny but intrestingly it's true. We should not forget that we are responsible for the choices we make. All i'm trying to say is that in some cases we do not have to make choices. We can have both. We just have to sort out ways to have both. We miss to look at it this way. We just want to make the easy choice to make everything easy instead of making the wise choice.
Yes, our dreams come true. So we have to be wise enough in dreaming the correct ones. There's no point in feeling bad for it later. Thats why they say "Prevention is better than cure". When we really have a passion for something we woulnever stop until we get there. The passion itself would drive us. So all we have to do is dream our passionate dreams. Hmmmm how hard would that be?. I've started practising that. We do not want to hear people saying that they worked so hard to reach their goal. Instead they would say that it's been a wonderful and memorable journey that lead them to reach their goal. Get the difference huh?...This will only happen when we do what our heart desires. All we have to do is just dig up and find out what we really want. When we know it then it wouldnt be a struggle to get there. Instead it will be memorable. How would we like it if our journey to our dream was fun and memorable instead of struggle and pain. hmmm, this is definetly an easy choice. No more "No pain no gain". We wouldnt have to miss out all the fun just to acheive our goals and dreams. We can have both. Well, i can have my cake and eat it too.
It always doesnt have to be country or city. I would like to have a trendy house in city and go to the farm house in country for holidays. That surely sounds like fun. Well who can stop me, i'm a full time dreamer.