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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Telangana - Cross & Knot game....

The reason for the recent chaos in India is to have a seperate state for Telangana people. I really feel sorry bcoz i'm also one among the millions who just standby and view the situation helplessly. I'm not that much into politics. Indian politics, according to me is very confusing bcoz of zillion parties and their shocking alliance during election times. But anyone, how much ever little knowledge they have on Indian politics, would clearly agree that this issue is yet another political game - the cross and knot game. After making a move the wait for the reaction from public and the move accordingly. This is definetly another example of how far one would go to achieve power, howmuch ever unreasonable the demands might be. I have quite a few friends in Andhra. As far as i know none were intrested in the seperation. Seriously, i couldnt think of a single benefit this seperation can bring to people. But they have clearly accomplished shutting down various stores, stoning buses, resulting some violent incidents.......
Is it really too much to expect selflessness from our politicians? Actually, i feel that we shouldnt have divided our country in the basis of language. Dont you think that we would have survived if multi lingual people existed in the same state?. Probably it might have created a nice opprtunity for us to learn other languages too. Or probably it might be the best way to divide based on language. I completely understand its been done purely for administration purpose. Then why dont we see these divisions as they are meant to be - just for easy administration for our government and nothing else. I guess we all are forgetting that we all are still Indians. Whats going to happen if we keep fighting amongst ourselves?. Who's going to benefit from this fight?. Just consider that all the states are like sons of Mother India. They are like brothers. So whichever state wins or loses, its a loss for India. When will we realise that we all should together fight other important issues?. How long are we going to be a developing country?.
The sooner we realise the better for our country. bcoz thats the first step. Once we realise that we'll be in the right track. Lets not wait for some leader to save us from the situation. We should let out our differences. Lets be honest to ourselves, how many of us have witnessed situations, where people treat other state people differently. We've seen it in our work place, colleges, even sometime even at houses. We do not need another Punjab - Chandigar situation. When we change, we do not have to care about the political games. Then it does not really matter even if they really seperate the states bcoz we know nothing can divide us. No matter what we will always be Indians.

Monday, December 14, 2009

All Or Nothing

We all have heard of the saying "All best things comes in a small package". I'm not sure if its small or a huge package. But i'm certain of one thing. That is everything comes as a package. We have to either have all of it or nothing. Still wondering what i'm talking about. Its about the differences that we have between each other. Let me make myself clear. I've been married for three years and i should say it is a very memorable three years of my life. Me and Senthil(my husband) are in great terms.he's incredible. We understand each other very well. He can find if something is wrong with me just by a look at my eyes(the otherway round too). But does that mean we are perfect. Sometimes i couldnt help but wonder if there's something called perfect couple. Dont get me wrong. I'm genuinely happy with him. Yet we have our differences. For instance, he hates when i keep asking him what he's thinking right now? and i dont like when he doesnt stand to click pictures. Does this mean we are not perfect for each other. I dont think so. Compromise doesnt have to be a bad word.
There's definitely something nice about compromising for our loved ones. Just like any rose has its own thorns, couples have their own differences. They all come as a package. We have to learn to live in the midst of all these differences. Its either all or nothing. If you wish to live with the person who makes you happy, who makes you smile, who makes you enjoy everything around you then dont forget that same person can make you go mad and crazy too. Afterall whats life without these. Its either all or nothing. For that matter even we come with the same deal. All we have to do is to know the ways to handle the differences without hurting each other. Everything does not have to be perfect. After all nothing in the world is perfect(even the Scottish parade is supposed be few milli seconds imperfect).
When i was young i used to look at magazines like "Inside and Outside", and wanted to be that couple where everything is perfect. The table will be set up in an perfectly elegant way. Everyone seems to be happy at all times. I always pictured myself as that perfect lady who manages everything and keeps everyone happy. Now i've learnt that its just not practical. Quit trying to be perfect and just enjoy life as it is. Just bcoz of the fear of thorns dont fail to enjoy the beauty of the rose.