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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Size Zero Divas

What do we admire the most about the runway models?

What are the young gilrs these days craving for?

What is the thought running in the mind of ladies while working out in the gym?

Who becomes popular in schools and colleges?

What is the latest fashion trend?

Well, its all about girls with perfect figure. I'm certainly not against it. But who is to say which is the perfect figure?. I mean, is size zero the answer for everything?. How many of us workout to be healthy? very few i doubt. All that we think about is how to burn the extra carbs and fat or how to reduce the baby weight gained... Its not bad to look good but are we ready to sacrifice being healthy for it. Have we forgotten that beauty is within. You can have a perfect figure and still look plain. Similarly you can be fat and still look good.

I'm not against having a size zero figure. But the way to achieve such figure should be proper work out and sensible diet. I still wonder why people choose surgeries like tummy tucking even after knowing its complications. Why arent we taking the help of a physical trainer or a dietician instead of a surgeon?. I'm not sure how many of us knew about the model, Luisel Ramos who starved to death during the Uruguay's fashion week. (Google to get more details). Its just news to us now. How would it be for her parents to lose their 22 years old daughter. Before committing yourself to some crazy diet just ask yourself "is it worth it?" This does not only happen in fashion industry. It has an unhealthy, negative pressure among young girls too. They are highly influenced and they blindly follow such crazy diets(i wouldnt call it as diet. Its starving).

There are some less fortunate people who die because they dont have sufficient food. There are some people who would rather die than to eat. Look at the irony. We should all understand that when we start to appreciate our body, others will too. Most of us would have gone through a roller coaster ride in terms of weight loss. We would have gone up and down in the weight loss journey. Just dont give up. Eat right (healthy) and workout accordingly. There's nothing called perfect figure. Eat healthy and stay healthy....


  1. There are some less fortunate people who die because they dont have sufficient food. There are some people who would rather die than to eat -- Very much valid point. Beauty is inside us and stopping to take food defenitly is not the right way. You made a Good point...

  2. xactly sathish...we need to admire the beauty within us....

  3. Very nice and beautiful post. Very well written.